Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feijoa flavoured milk anyone? New idea for Fonterra!

It's feijoa time of the year so one of the daily tasks is to pick feijoas as they come ripe. This year, much of the fruit is too small to bother with, so after picking, I wander over to the paddock where our two house cows reside to give them the rubbishy ones. Little Miss Gentle is House cow #1, chosen for her gluttony, a necessary trait in a house cow. When she sees me she runs, sometimes the length of the paddock, udder swinging, skinny legs working hard. Often she already has grass or hay hanging out of her mouth. In one mouthful, she can eat as many feijoas as I can hold in my hand. She scoffs the lot. Any of the other cows are shouldered out of the way and do not get so much as a taste. Any that are dropped on the ground are neatly picked up. Even the ones that fall through the fence in her hurry to eat them are retrieved with a long and very slimy tongue. Her display of pure lust for feijoas had me wondering if feeding her a diet of only feijoas would enable us to make feijoa flavoured milk or ice-cream. Perhaps not! Still, another batch of chutney can be started this morning with today's pickings. If we have excess, I may try a repeat of last year's dismally failed experiment - that of making feijoa jelly. It still hasn't set, so I'm thinking perhaps it won't!

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