Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poor Sad Gen

Our poor Little Miss Gentle was so sad yesterday - at one stage she looked as if she was crying. She spent much of the day running up and down the fence-line calling to her beautiful boy, Finn, and hopefully running to the gate anytime either of us went outside, in case we might be ready to take her back. Before we are accused of any cruelty here, Finn is as big as his mother and at 8 months old is well able to do without his mother's milk for 5 or 6 hours a day. Little Miss Gentle, (Gen to her friends) is an ideal house cow in that she is a pig in cow clothing - she will do anything to get her snout (sorry nose) into a bucket of food. Gen, a polled Jersey giving, we think, A2 milk is almost bullet proof - she is happy for strangers to try milking her, she poses for flash photos, she lets one brush her tail and polish her feet with a broom. Yesterday was the first day that we have milked her this season, having given Finn the best possible start in life. The first milking gave us about 1 litre of beautiful, creamy milk. You can visit Gen and try your hand at milking or just have your photo taken with her - come and be a farmer for a few hours, details on our website.

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