Sunday, May 15, 2011

No more free ranging ducks!

Yay, no more duck poops on the drive, no more smelly puddles where they have been swimming! No more early morning quacking near the house. Finally, they are confined to the orchard where they are supposed to be! The 17 ducks have delighted in their freedom for the last five months, ranging from the house, out to the gate, and back again, and frequently passing through the vegetable patch. After a period of intensive refencing yesterday, they are back on task, which is to eat the bugs from around the orchard trees, and to fertilise the general orchard area. They eat quite a lot of grass as well. The geese only managed to get out once, so they have not been so much of a problem. Apparently one can train geese to eat certain weeds, thus allowing one to graze them in strawberry beds etc. However, since all the animals and birds that live here appear not to know any rules, we haven't risked it!

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